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Web Conferencing

DMS offers a range of web conferencing solutions at wholesale pricing designed for use with different types of meetings: from less formal on-the-fly get-togethers to carefully structured company-wide conferences or training sessions.

Unified Meeting

Let people see what you are talking about and collaborate during your online meetings with our proprietary web conferencing product. You get audio, web and video conferencing in a single system that integrates with everyday business tools, like calendaring systems and instant messaging clients, so starting and joining meetings is done just with a click of the mouse. The best part is that all of this comes as a service that we manage for you.

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

Host interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software and web sites. Office Live Meeting offers unique features, such as muting lines and dialing additional participants from the web interface, Microsoft Office integration, custom slides, reporting tools, recording and printing to PDF. It’s a flexible tool that can be configured to suit the needs of your conference—no matter what size or type.

Meeting Visuals, Powered By WebEx™

Engage your participants by sharing a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrating software, showing web site navigation, asking polling questions and transferring files. The integration with Reservationless-Plus® lets you control the audio portion of your meeting online. Meeting Visuals provides the ultimate collaborative platform for your day-to-day business communication needs.

TrainingCenter, Powered By WebEx™

Deliver live, interactive training sessions to employees, customers or partners anywhere in the world by sharing presentations, demonstrating applications or showing web site navigation. TrainingCenter’s features are specifically designed to let you do everything online that you would during a live event: test and grade attendees, view and obtain individual results, poll or survey participants on-the-fly or initiate a breakout session.

EventCenter™, Powered By WebEx™

Get everything you need to manage your online marketing seminars. EventCenter gives you easy-to-use tools to help schedule your event, send invitations and collect and process registrations. In-meeting features let you share presentations, software applications and web sites, as well as multimedia content. After your event, you have access to comprehensive reports for further follow up.

SalesCenter™, Powered By WebEx™

Meet instantly with prospects around the globe and capture their attention with lively, interactive presentations and product demos. SalesCenter's features are tailored to the sales cycle so you can more effectively qualify prospects, show your product or service and close the deal.

SupportCenter, Powered By WebEx™

Let your technical support team diagnose and resolve customer problems online. It has all the tools to make them as efficient and effective when working remotely as they would be on-site. Customer files can be transferred for off-line analysis or technicians can actually run customers’ desktops and download patches or updates to their computers.

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