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Conference Calling

Connect, Communicate, Deliver With DMS Conferencing Solutions

Global conferencing solutions from DMS. More services, more options, more support and more success for your everyday meetings and online events.

Connect On Every Level

Your communications needs change depending on who you have to meet with and what you want to discuss. From sales demos and team meetings to marketing seminars and investor relations calls, DMS has a solution that will help you make better connections.

Helping You Connect

In business, relationships are critical to getting the job done and doing it right. If you can’t communicate effectively and efficiently with your internal teams, vendors, customers and partners, your business goes nowhere. DMS’s conferencing solutions help you stay connected to people, whether they are in another state, another country or just across town.

Since 1992, DMS has offered the broadest range of services to support the changing needs of small and large businesses. We offer the widest variety of global solutions, through our proprietary products, as well as strategic partnerships with WebEx™ and Microsoft®, to give you multiple conferencing options and greater flexibility. All of our services are integrated, which provides truly seamlesscollaboration and service delivery.

More Options, More Service With DMS,

You get everything in one place—from basic audio conferencing and collaborative web meetings to video conferencing and support for high-profile events. We have offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, so our dedicated 24/7 service teams are available to help you every step of the way. Or, for more control, DMS Online lets you access reports, view billing information and manage accounts. No matter what, you can count on our expert staff to consult with you and deliver the best service and features, helping you reach your business objectives. So start making better connections by partnering with DMS. We make it easy for you to engage employees, customers, colleagues or any other group that is critical to the success of your business…no matter where they are in the world.

Basic Connections

Have you found that long, extensive email chains don’t exactly help you get decisions made, explain product functionality or gather feedback? DMS has conferencing solutions for your everyday meetings so you can bring people together, from anywhere in the world, and get things done quickly. Our simple and reliable audio and web conferencing services help you connect with team members, sales prospects and vendors to just talk or share presentations, documents and software so everyone can see what you’re talking about.

Audio Conferencing Services

Reservationless-Plus—hold your conference call at any time by dialing your permanent dial-in number and entering your conference code. No reservations are required. Additional call management features are available online. Automated—make a reservation for your call and use a dedicated dial-in number and passcode to enter the conference without operator assistance.

Web Conferencing Services

Conference Place, provided by Microsoft Office Live Meeting—lets you host interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software and web sites. Comprehensive features make it flexible enough for meetings of all types.

MeetingCenter™, Powered By WebEx

Use the Internet to share a PowerPoint® presentation, demonstrate software or show web site navigation. MeetingCenter is a great addition for your day-to-day meetings where collaboration is key.

Enhanced Connections

It’s not every day that you plan and conduct large events or seminars. When you do need to launch a product, train employees and customers or report quarterly earnings, you can bring hundreds or thousands of people together on the phone. Or, if you really want to make an impact, you can use DMS’s advanced, interactive audio, web and video conferencing services that let you truly connect with your audience. We offer a range of services to fit your needs. From notification and registration to meeting management tools and recording to reports and meeting playback, you’ll get the results you expect.

Audio Conferencing Services

Operator Assisted—gives you added professionalism and features with the help of expert operators. This is the best service for large or high-profile calls. Direct Event—get the speed of Automated call entry while still engaging an operator to execute special functions like question and answer, dedicated assistance or any of our event features.

Web Conferencing Services

Mshow®—provides comprehensive event conferencing features, including streaming, slideshows and rich media or video integration.

EventCenter™, powered by WebEx—get everything you need to manage your online event, from planning the seminar to conducting the meeting to post-event follow-up.

TrainingCenter, powered by WebE— deliver live, interactive training sessions to employees, customers or partners anywhere in the world by sharing presentations, demonstrating applications or showing web site navigation. TrainingCenter’s features are specifically designed to let you do everything online that you would during a live event: test and grade attendees, view and obtain individual results, poll or survey participants on-the-fly or initiate a breakout session.

SupportCenter, powered by WebEx— deliver live, interactive training sessions. Share presentations, software and web sites. Additional features let you test and poll your participants and hold breakout sessions, specially designed to meet the needs of technical support professionals. Transfer issues between reps, gather system information and diagnose desktop issues online.

Event Services

If you’re short on time and resources or just want some extra assistance to make sure your event is flawless, DMS’s expert event services team helps you plan, conduct and wrap-up your seminar so you can focus on your message. From recommending appropriate features and conducting rehearsals to monitoring the live event and gathering report information, our dedicated specialists work with you, ensuring a professional and successful event.

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