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Anyone can send emails, but to send emails right, DMS EConnect is the choice for you.

DMS EConnect

DMS with EConnect is the worlds best for email Marketing. It’s simple. DMS has over ten years of email marketing experience built into every feature, and it has the cutting-edge features in demand by today’s top email marketers. Join the more than 5,000 companies worldwide who use DMS EConnect to build and manage their opt-in email lists and create, send, and track marketing campaigns that get results.

DMS created the technology to meet their needs, and we have the solution and the expertise to meet yours too. DMS EConnect continues to set the standard in email marketing .

Easy-To-Use And Robust

In today’s online world, email is critical to business: you rely on email to communicate and you rely on email to market your products and services.

DMS EConnect has the technology and power necessary for successful email marketing and communication. Marketers love our easy-to-use interface, advanced features, and reporting capabilities. IT departments love how easily scalable and integrated our API is. And everyone loves DMS EConnect for its feature-rich and flexible tools for creating personalized, targeted, and highly effective email campaigns.

Advanced Features

DMS knows that crafting effective email campaigns requires having solutions that can do what you need it to do. If you want to create targeted campaigns, you need to segment your list and create dynamic content. To really ensure the best results, you need A/B split testing capabilities to see which message gets the best response. To continually improve your campaigns, you’ll need to analyze a variety of reports on your campaign results.

Why Choose DMS EConnect?

DMS EConnect has all these features and more, in a variety of packages to suit your needs. DMS EConnect is the ideal email-marketing solution for companies that prefer to manage their email marketing. For security conscious companies with high volume or complex data integration needs, a DMS EConnect solution may be the right choice.

DMS EConnect included Features & Benefits Easy Content Creation:

  • Create text, HTML, or multipart MIME messages

  • Use pre-built HTML templates, or build your own with the HTML template builder

  • Convert and validate content, links

  • Perform basic mail merges

  • Edit HTML messages with enhanced HTML editor

  • Include attachments

  • Include email or web surveys with survey wizard

  • Perform enhanced mail merges, all fields

  • Include dynamic/conditional content, advanced scripting

  • Include links to video or audio clips (rich media)

  • Segment based on demographic data, clickthrough & clickstream

  • behavior and survey responses

  • Create, preview, save, export and download segments

  • Test message using A/B split-testing

  • Create triggered and sequential mailings

  • Set recency and frequency limits to prevent list fatigue

  • Set behavior-driven database updates

  • Provide one-click opt-in functionality in email or web

  • Maintain three-tiered password protection

  • Compare list against suppression/banned email address lists

  • Web interface TCP/IP security

  • View administrator activity with administrative audit trail

  • Front-end server clustering

  • DMS instance clustering

  • SSL support

  • Granular permissions

  • Offer email and web-based unsubscribe to recipients

  • Handle grievances with automated complaint handling

  • Keep lists clean with automated smart bounce handling

  • Send out email across multiple IP addresses

  • Real-time reaction to connection limitation properties from ISPs

  • Advanced message throttling

  • Support for DomainKeys

  • Associate segments with MailStreams

  • At-a-glance stats and trends on most recent mailing

  • Pre-built reports on mailings and list activity 30+ 100+ 200+

  • Individual member reports

  • Real-time mail queue analysis

  • Custom chart builder

  • HTML open detection

  • Clickthrough and clickstream tracking

  • Refer-a-Friend functionality and tracking

  • Forward tracking

  • Demographic analysis

  • EmailAdvisor Deliverability Tool (subscription required)

  • Discussion group management

  • RSS syndication

  • View as newsgroup (multiview)Additional Features

  • Automatic ODBC data synchronization

  • Customer interest analysis

  • Online and offline purchase tracking & reporting

  • Sales cycle & abandonment tracking

  • Web traffic analysis

  • Total mailing analysis views


Easy Content Creation

  • Create your content using our WYSIWYG HTML editor. Get creative and design your own templates using our drag and drop functionality or choose from one of our built-in email template designs.

  • Create Personalized, Targeted Content

  • Personalized messages are effective messages. Using merge tags, you can create messages that will import specific, personalized content for that individual on your list. Or create dynamic conditional content for a certain segment of your list, for example based on zip codes. It’s easy and it gets results!

Right Message, Right Time

  • Use our triggered mailing function to send emails automatically, based on timed events such as birthdays or subscription renewals, or based on customer behavior such as purchases or product inquiries.

Interest, Purchase, Forward, And ROI Tracking

  • Track your prospects’ interest level, actual online and offline purchases, referrals and more. Learn who your “hot leads” are, which “conversion events” turn browsers into buyers, and how to refine your strategy to improve loyalty and sales.

Clean Lists, Effortless Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with anti-spam laws and increase recipient satisfaction with list management and enhanced bounce handling tools that remove unsubscribed and invalid addresses automatically. Our spam content-analysis tool even helps you minimize the chance that your opt-in email will be filtered out before it reaches members’ inboxes.

The Speed You Need

  • DMS EConnect built-in, proprietary mail engine delivers Millions of messages per hour, making it ideal for large mailing lists, time-sensitive information and limited-inventory offers.

  • MailStreams allow for your email to be sent out on multiple IP addresses at the same time. DMS EConnect dynamically adjusts in real-time to connection limitation properties to maximize delivery of your email.

  • Segmentation And A/B Split Testing

  • Segment your audience into meaningful groups so that you can send more targeted mailings. Easily associate a MailStream with a segment to separate your high ROI mailings from your acquisition mailings. Use A/B split tests to test different subject lines, content, and images to determine the most effective version before you send to your whole list.

  • Leverage Your Database

  • Get the speed and flexibility that comes from native integration with your database. Tapinto the wealth of data you already have and avoid time-consuming, error-prone data synchronizations!

  • Flexible Options

  • A wide range of packages means you’ll never pay for more features, speed or database size than you’re actually using. We make it easy to switch as your needs evolve, and comprehensive support allows you to take advantage of product upgrades at no additional cost.

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