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Fax Broadcast

Fax continues to best serve many communications applications with its advantages of simplicity, deliverability, readership and response rates than are still consistently higher than email and postal delivery.

DMS Fax Broadcast brings the latest technology to this mature communications media with a platform that supports the fastest delivery methods available today.

The DMS fax platform allows for the fastest transmission of your faxes leading to possible savings that can be as much as 20% below what you are presently spending with other service providers, even if our per-minute rate is the same as theirs.

DMS Fax Broadcast Technology

  • DMS utilizes V.34 technology to deliver faxes at twice the speed as the previously-highest standard and three times as fast as the 9.6 kbps delivery rate still offered by other service providers.

  • Optimized performance results in a substantial increase in the speed of transmission and a substantial decrease in the cost of delivery.

DMS Works

V.34 technology improves the exchange of information between sender and receiver (the “handshake”) with line probing–a process during which operating parameters are “intelligently” selected for the best and fastest connection. This process is continually repeated during the entire transmission to maintain optimum performance. Also referred to as “retraining,” this process of achieving and maintaining peak transmission quality assures the fastest error detection, correction and delivery speed for the entire transmission. In addition to these greatly improved handshake capabilities, V.FastFax performs the handshake process itself at over twice the speed of the other legacy technologies.

DMS Feature & Benefits

  • Fast v.34 modem speed

  • Web interface for controlled sends

  • Merge capabilities

  • Large volume sends

  • Best Result Returns

  • Automated Delivery programs

  • Web 2.0 interface for sends

  • Wholesale pricing

  • Detailed deliver reporting

  • Blocked list management

  • Toll free opt-out number

  • Application Integration with inbound programs

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