Return Path

Ensure your email reaches the inbox with Return Path Certification

Return Path's Certification program is the industry's most recognized and valued certified whitelist and is an exclusive program that is available through Digital Messaging Solution's email certificaiton services. Getting on the whitelist helps ensure better inbox placement with major mailbox providers like Yahoo®, Microsoft®, AOL® and more.

17% of promotional emails never reach the inbox, landing in spam folders or getting blocked. That means losing out on opens, clicks, and ultimately revenue-impacting the success or failure of your email programs. Don?t take that risk. Partner with Return Path to optimize email visibility and increase revenue by getting more email delivered.

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DMS and ReturnPath™ Join forces:

Whitelisting with DMS and the Return Path Certification program are the latest development in the war against spam, phishing and online fraud. Most experts agree that spam accounts for a huge percentage of email sent and that volumes continue to rise. These huge volumes of spam frustrate consumers but also create serious problems for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email marketers.

The DMS / Return Path whitelisting programs are designed to provide senders, receivers (ISPs) and consumers with a trusted solution that helps them effectively identify legitimate mail and provide improved delivery of your email to the inbox. Certification helps ISPs ensure that legitimate email gets delivered, while allowing ISPs to aggressively target spam without the concern of blocking the permission-based email consumers want.

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